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About Us

Dear teachers,

We live in a world of perpetual movement where the discovery of unknown horizons, lands laden with history, spaces constantly renewed, inhabited, and transformed by the influence of people and civilizations, awake all our senses. Access to knowledge of these wonders of life is ubiquitous: internet, literature, magazines, television, … all sources of information within the reach of everyone.

And yet …
Can words, images, express the depth of the culture of a country, the beauty of monuments built in the past, the sounds of a city, the sounds of a foreign language? Nothing is better than the experience of a school trip to apprehend the atmosphere and the richness of a foreign country.

For more than 30 years, we have worked with hundreds of teachers to help them shape their educational project.

Our organization has grown steadily to become over the years a strong partner, known and recognized for its quality of service and it’s sense of ethics in the organization of thousands of school trips.

With more than 800 trips  organized each year for French secondary schools, we are still a human-sized company. We put all our experience and our passion, into the development of our programs, regularly proposing new destinations, constantly taking into account the suggestions of teachers who contribute our quest for quality and educational interest.

Thanks to with our know-how and galvanized by the wonder of these beings who see the beauty of the world in all its forms, we decided to create

to continue our work that drives us and fascinates us, beyond the French borders.

We encourage you to think “outside the box”, to discover unique places where you will be the precursors of immersion in families; we recommend that you choose to travel on dates or to cities that are less invaded by tourists in order to give your trip a much more rewarding dimension;

As you know, in order to guarantee a  lasting memory of a journey requires the precision and thoroughness of choice and preparation. That is why we are here to help you, to advise you, to develop and construct your school trip in a hand in hand partnership that will make your project be unique and exactly as you imagined.

And what better reward for us, to know that our trips give  joy and full satisfaction of teachers and students …

Kind regards,

Adélaïde FACON